All on Four/Six Dental Implants

All on Four/Six Dental Implants in Pune, India

Dr. Pandya, a retired physician had suffered multiple loss of teeth due to years of neglect and wanted full mouth rehabilitation with full jaw/mouth dental implants to replace all his missing teeth.

It’s said that dentists are not “doctors”. They are dentists, they don’t save lives. But we do help in making lives better. And this case will prove just that – where a general doctor desperately needed a “dentist doctor” to treat him to be able to live better.

When he visited us, he just had a few teeth dangling in his mouth. With such an oral condition, he was facing extreme difficulty in chewing food and in maintaining a healthy diet, thus making him a perfect candidate for a full mouth dental implants procedure.

We started his treatment by getting a CBCT scan of his jaws, which helped us in the proper planning of the further restorations. As all the remaining teeth were out of the bony support, they were removed gradually. A treatment involving fixed restorations on dental implants was planned for him, involving the placement of 10 Nobel Biocare Replace Select dental implants in the jaws over a period of 3 months. (All on Four in lower jaw and All on Six in the upper jaw)

Minimally invasive surgeries using our WaterLase Laser were done wherever possible, keeping his age and health in mind and making them extremely comfortable for him. The lower jaw had a full denture fixed on only four dental implants, following the principles of the “All on Four” procedure. The upper jaw with six implants received a Porcelain fused to metal screw-retained prosthesis, thus giving him a complete set of full mouth fixed teeth.

What we did:

Scope of the treatment:

  • Replace missing teeth and restore smile
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Complete teeth replacement with fixed teeth

Approximate time period:

  • 3 – 4 Months

Cost estimate:

  • Around Rs.4, 00,000/-