Our Star Results of Smile Designing, Makeovers, Dental Implants and Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Pune, India.

We didn’t start off as a speciality Smile Designing or Makeover dental clinic in Pune, India. Our initial aim was just to spread happiness through the means of dentistry. That’s why we practiced everything that was taught to us in dental school and beyond, revolving mainly around treating infection, alleviating pain, fixing or repairing broken teeth, fixing new replacement artificial teeth and so on. A spark of happiness that our patients received at the end of the dental treatment was what kept all of us moving forward. That happiness was always returned back to us with a ‘Smile’. And that’s when we realised that whatever we were doing, from a simple filling or a root canal to a complex full mouth treatment with dental implants, we were simply aiming at making our patients ‘emotionally smile’, through a smile designing or makeover process.

Over years, that’s what we have specialized in. Not only by our qualifications, techniques, experience and results, but also by our emotional understanding of your need for such a treatment. If you are specifically looking for a smile designing or makeover process in Pune, India, great!! That’s what we do best and will help you achieve your goal to the maximum. And even if smile designing as a process is not what you want, our aim will still be to leave you smiling, every time and always!

The genuine cases shown below are few such life enhancing smile designing/makeover treatments done at our clinic Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune, India, with a common element of an ‘emotional desire’ behind them. And that’s why we call them ‘Our Star Results’.

The story behind them, how we helped them and their technical specifications are all mentioned in their respective pages. Since smile makeover or smile designing are a broad term combining many individual dental procedures, please also browse through our services section (our forte) describing each one of them in detail but in simple words.

Please browse through them to find if any of these treatment samples match your requirements. If they do then please contact us. If you need to see more and know more about our work, then please browse deeper through our services and work pages on this website and social media.