Laser Assisted Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. If you are somewhat anxious about dental procedures and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you should consider visiting Dr. Priyank Mathur, who has pioneered and incorporated WATERLASE laser dentistry into his practice and treatments in Pune, India. Lasers in Dentistry have been introduced for more than 2 decades. WaterLase is a state of the art technology that uses a patent 2780nm wavelength YSGG laser energy and proprietary water/air spray that combines to symbiotically excite water molecules from within both the spray and the target tissue, resulting in a biological, effective micro-ablation of tooth structure, bone, or soft tissue.

Heat, vibration and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill. Since the WATERLASE cuts with laser energy and water only, it does not cause any friction, vibration or macro-fractures, resulting in a cool cutting of both hard and soft tissues (teeth & gums), with no thermal damage, thus making most of the dental procedures at SMILEKRAFT DENTISTRY pain-free, performed with less need for anaesthesia, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips! Additionally, using WATERLASE for gum procedures reduces bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication in many cases.

Waterlase dentist, Dr. Priyank Mathur is able to remove tooth decay, bone and gum tissue precisely while leaving the surrounding good areas unaffected. This conserves and allows you to keep more of the healthy tooth structure intact.

Cavity preparations done using our WATERLASE have increased bond strength with the filling materials resulting in more durable and longer lasting fillings.

Due to the conservative, gentle cutting action and coagulating capabilities of the WATERLASE, Dr. Priyank Mathur performs many soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling.

WATERLASE is a cleaner, safer dental instrument compared to any other instrument used in dentistry, as it works without contact with the tooth. Its flawless tip surface does not harbor debris or bacteria like the abrasive surface of burs and files. WaterLase YSGG laser energy kills bacteria, thus sterilizing each and every area where its laser beam falls.

At Smilekraft Dentistry, there is no extra charge to use the laser for your procedure. We offer WaterLase because we feel it improves the quality of our dentistry. It’s just high-tech dentistry that costs the same as conventional dentistry.