Treatment and price transparency is as important to us as it is to you. Keeping up with international standards is not a mean feat, but we leave no stone unturned to provide it with affordable pricing. We have an open approach to finances and take the time to talk you through treatment options and costs to find the right solution.

Feel free to browse through the standard costs of some of the treatments we undertake. The payments are only taken in Indian Rupees (INR) and can be made through cards, net transfer, cheque or cash. Costs mentioned in USD are only for reference for our international patients and not a mode of cash payment at Smilekraft Dentistry.

We prefer payments by net transfer and cards, and don’t charge any extra fees for card transactions associated with Indian banks. All international cards not associated with Indian banking are charged an extra 4% on the total treatment cost.

Preferred mode of payment

Cost of specialized dental treatments in Pune, India.

Find cost of dental implants in Pune, cost of root canal treatment, cost of dental fillings, teeth cleaning, cost of teeth whitening in Pune, porcelain veneers, ceramic caps, wisdom teeth extraction, braces treatment and the cost of Invisalign in Pune. You can reach for the specific treatment you are looking for in the search bar or toggle through the various other dental treatments with their charges at Smilekraft Dentistry.
TREATMENT / PROCEDURE (Common and popular dental treatments are marked in Bold)Fees at Smilekraft Dentistry in Indian Rupees (INR)Approximate Cost in USD ($). CURRENT CURRENCY CONVERTER Details
Consultation₹800$10Involves a complete dental examination with intra-oral pictures. One time first visit fee. No subsequent consultation charges.
IOPA (x-ray)₹300 $4 Intra-oral digital x-ray.
Cost of Scaling & Polishing (teeth cleaning) in Pune₹2000 to ₹5000$25 to $60Procedure involves teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic machine along with fluoridated prophy paste polishing. The number of appointments may vary from 1-4 sittings, which may determine the total treatment cost.
Pit & Fissure Sealants₹850 per tooth$10 per toothFluoride releasing white sealants used to prevent cavities.
Fillings / Composite bonding₹1500 to ₹6000 per tooth (depending on the type and size of fillings)$20 to $75 per toothFillings involve composite restorations, glass ionomer cements, Cosmetic correction using composites,etc. The variation in the fees depends on the material being used and the location and size of the cavity.
Cost of Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Pune₹7500 to ₹13500 per tooth$90 to $165 per toothTreatment cost may vary based on the complexity of the case and may be spread over a single to multiple appointments.
Post RCT filling₹1500 to ₹5000$18 to $60Is a restoration done in a tooth after the root canal treatment. Cost varies according to the material used and the size of the cavity.
Post & Core₹3500 (metal post) ₹4500 (fibre post) $45 to $55 per toothInvolves the insertion of support structures in a badly broken down tooth to increase its longevity. Type may vary according to the location and the function of the tooth.
Repeat root canal treatment (Re RCT)₹10000 onwards per tooth$125 onwards per toothRetreatment of a root canal involves removal of the old fillings, cleaning and shaping of the tooth, sterilizing it again and completely filling it with an inert material to perfection. Cost may vary according to the complexity of the case.
Caps / Crowns / BridgesAll such indirect restorations at Smilekraft Dentistry are digitally scanned using the 3 Shape intra-oral scanner, CAD-CAM designed and manufactured by few of the best laboratories and technicians in the country. Either of the following options can be used to make a single crown to a multiple unit bridge.
Full ceramic monolith zirconia crown₹12,000 per unit $150 per unitZirconia restorations with a 5 to 10 year warranty on breakage. Generally used for the back teeth.
Full ceramic Bruxzir zirconia crown₹15,500 per unit $190 per unitOne of the toughest Monolith Zirconia restorations used primarily for back teeth of patients suffering from bruxism (heavy teeth grinding), with a 15 year breakage warranty.
Porcelain e.max crown₹15,500 per unit $190 per unitLithium disilicate glass ceramic, best in the world for individual front teeth. Most preferred for smile makeovers.
All ceramic 3M Lava zirconia/ Czar Zirconia crown₹16,500 per unit $200 per unitTransluscent zirconia restorations that match the appearance of natural teeth. Used preferably for front teeth and where heavy biting forces are expected..
All ceramic 3M Lava Premium Zirconia crown₹18,000 per unit $210 per unitTop of the line 3M Zirconia crown with a 15 year breakage warranty.
All ceramic Feldspathic Porcelain crown₹18,500 per unit $230 per unitThe most natural looking ceramic/porcelain crowns available in the world. They are unarguably the most beautiful veneers/crowns that can be made for teeth.
Porcelain Veneers / Laminates ₹15,500 per unit (E-Max Veneers) ₹18,500 per unit (Feldspathic porcelain veneer)$190 - $230per unitE-Max porcelain/ ceramic veneers are the most durable and most commonly used worldwide and are the preferred choice for smile designing procedures. Feldspathic veneers are the most beautiful and natural looking ceramic restorations that can be made in dentistry. They also have an unique benefit of being extremely thin thus requiring minimum or no preparation of teeth thus saving a lot of natural tooth structure.
Inlay/ Onlay restorations₹8500 per tooth (Composite/ Zirconia)$125 per toothLaboratory made fillings, more durable than the conventional fillings
₹13,500 per tooth (e.max ceramic)$175 per toothBest restorations with superior esthetics and durability.
Laser Gum Depigmentation₹6000 to ₹20,000 per arch/jaw$90 to $250Cost may vary depending upon the intensity of the pigmentation. The Waterlase is used for this procedure.
Gum recontouring/ Gum esthetic surgery₹1000 to ₹15,000 per tooth depending on the case$15 to $210Procedure may involve a simple gum recontouring to a highly technique sensitive soft tissue grafting. Done using The Waterlase laser most of the times.
Periodontal Surgery₹1000 to ₹5000 per tooth$15 to $70 per toothInvolves deep cleaning, curettage, open or closed flap surgery. The cost varies with the complexity of the case.
Bone Grafting₹8000 onwards as required$120 onwardsThe cost will depend upon the amount of defect to be restored and the type of bone grafting material used.
Extraction/ Removal of teeth₹1000 to ₹5000 per tooth$10 to $60 per toothThe cost varies with the location of the tooth and the complexity of the case.
Surgical Extraction / Wisdom tooth extraction₹5000 to ₹15000 per tooth$60 to $180 per toothCharges vary with the complexity of the case.
Cost of Dental Implants in Pune, IndiaAll dental implants come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. The following charges in blue rows are for the first stage surgery for the various implant systems we use. The second stage costs of dental implants in Pune are mentioned after the blue rows.
Cost of Hiossen / Osstem dental implants₹25,000 per implant$300 per implantThe best titanium alloy dental implant system by an Asian company (Hiossen are Made in USA)
Cost of Biohorizons dental implants in India₹28,000 to ₹32,500 per implant$350 to $450 per implantPremium titanium alloy dental implant from USA. The regular Biohorizons implant is the lesser value one. The higher value implants are for specialized molar teeth.
Cost of Zimmer dental implants₹28,000 to ₹38,500 per implant$350 to $500 per implantPremium top of the line uniquely designed dental implants from USA. The standard Zimmer tapered screw-vent implant is the lesser value one. The higher valued Zimmer Trabecular Metal implant is the best option for people looking for the quickest recovery enabling us to give them a final functional tooth in as early as two to four weeks as compared to a standard waiting period of 3-4 months. It is also an advised implant solution in people with risk factors such as diabetes, osteoporosis, prior bone infections or poor bone quality.
Cost of Nobel Biocare Replace dental implants in Pune, India₹28,000 per implant$350 per implantPremium European dental implants made of Commercially Pure Titanium.
Cost of Straumann dental implants in Pune, India₹28,000 to ₹37,500 per implant$350 to $515 per implantPremium Swiss dental implants made of Commercially Pure Titanium. The lesser valued implants are for standard procedures involving a time period of 2-3 months from start to finish whereas the higher valued implants can be functional in as soon as 4-6 weeks.
Bicon dental implants₹30,000 per implant$400 per implantShort Screwless dental implants
Cost of Nobel Active dental implants in India₹35,000 per implant$510 per implantTop of the line European Pure titanium dental implant.
Cost of Dental Implant Prosthesis with standard titanium abutmentsThe price given is for most of the general cases requiring a standard titanium abutment on the implant along with a zirconia cap/crown or for making a simple screw-retained/ cemented prosthesis. Any specialized abutment such as zirconia, angled or a multi-unit abutment would be charged separately.
Crown/ Cap/ Tooth fixed on Hiossen/ Osstem dental implants₹15,000 per artificial tooth$220 per tooth
Crown/ Cap/ Tooth fixed on Nobel Biocare/ Straumann/ Bicon/Biohorizons/ Zimmer dental implants₹20,000 per artificial tooth$300 per tooth
Crown/ Cap/ Tooth fixed on Nobel Active dental implants₹25,000 per artificial tooth$380 per tooth
Cost of All on four with Nobel Biocare/ Straumann implants in India₹ 2,00,000 per jaw$2650 per jawBasic minimal surgery to have fixed teeth. Involves placement of four implants with four multi-unit abutments and a fixed acrylic prosthesis over it.
Direct Sinus Lift Surgery₹ 20,000 onwards for each side$300 for each sideThe cost is only for the surgical procedure excluding the bone graft material involved.
Indirect Sinus Lift Surgery₹ 7500 onwards$110
Removable Denture Prosthesis
Complete dentures₹25,000 to ₹45,000 for a pair of upper & lower dentures $380 to $660Fees varies with the type of material used to fabricate the denture.
Cast Partial Dentures₹ 35,000 per arch$510 per archCost irrespective of the number of teeth being replaced.
Braces/ Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment (Metallic Braces)₹ 45,000 onwards$550 onwardsCharges may vary slightly with the time duration and the complexity of the case.
Orthodontic treatment (Ceramic Braces)₹ 65,000 onwards$800 onwards
Orthodontic treatment (Lingual Braces)₹ 1,00,000 onwards$1450 onwardsBraces are fixed on the inner surface of the teeth with minimal visibilty outside.
Orthodontic treatment (Clear Braces / Invisalign)₹1,50,000 to ₹3,00,000 $2900 to $4350Top of the line and digitally planned braces treatment with removable, clear and invisible appliances.
Cost of Teeth Whitening (office bleaching) in Pune₹ 18,000$220Is generally done on the front 6-8 teeth in both the jaws in 3 cycles in a span of 1-2hrs. Increase or decrease in either of the variables will slightly vary the cost.
Teeth Jewellery₹ 3000 per tooth$45 per toothKryst crystals are bonded to teeth to give a sparkling smile.
Night Guard / Bite Guard₹ 3500 per jaw / ₹ 6000 for a pair (both the jaws)$45Appliance to prevent further damage of teeth from bruxism.
Sports Guard₹ 5500 onwards$65 onwardsCan be transparent or coloured as the patient desires. Different for different sports.

The above are general and common treatments done at Smilekraft Dentistry. Thus the cost can be given for reference. There are many other procedures like Apicoectomies, oral surgeries, implant supported prosthesis for various conditions, computer guided surgeries, MTA application for root formation, etc. which are too patient specific. Thus the fee estimate for such treatments is given only after the complete analysis of the case.

Either of the procedures can be used for cosmetic treatments, full mouth rehabilitation and smile designing. A comprehensive discounted fee structure is provided to the patient where multiple procedures are involved to achieve a single goal.

Warranty Disclaimer

The Warranty will be Reduced or Invalidated if

  • Dentist’s instructions are not followed.
  • Naturally reducing gum tissue or bone.
  • Medical conditions which may have unfavourable effects on the jaw (e.g. chemotherapy, osteoporosis, etc.).

  • Damage caused by sports or accidents.
  • Payment obligations are not fulfilled.

Extent of this Warranty

If there is a failure of any prosthesis or implant during the warranty, we will replace it at no additional cost to you, apart from any other procedure that may be deemed necessary at that point of time for the future success of that treatment, which will be charged as actual.
Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of any dental work or surgical procedure.
This warranty does not include any travelling and accommodation costs.

FAQs regarding costs of dental treatments:

Cost of complete single tooth dental implant treatment with ceramic/zirconia crown ranges from Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 58,000/- at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune, India.

Root canal treatment cost ranges from Rs. 7500/- to Rs. 13500/- for a single tooth at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune.

Teeth whitening costs Rs. 15,000/- for an hour and a half session at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune.

Pure ceramic Cad-Cam caps/zirconia crowns cost Rs. 11,500/- to Rs. 18,500/- at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune, India.

Braces at Smilekraft Dentistry cost Rs. 45,000/- onwards.

The average cost for Invisalign treatment in Pune is between Rs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 3,00,000/-.