Infrastructure & Technology

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Smilekraft is known to be a technologically advanced clinic. We draw great delight in being an ultra-modern practice, while continually re-engineering ourselves to give you the very best at an affordable cost.

We strive to use advanced dental technology that enables us to provide you with the most attentive and comprehensive care possible. New, safe and painless techniques are undertaken while preserving your natural tooth structure and creating amazing natural transformations. Every step of treatment is undertaken with the utmost care, skill and attention to detail.

Known to be the pioneers in introducing the Waterlase technology in Pune, we’ve always gone above and beyond to give you the results you desire. By constantly searching out and adopting the latest advances we increase your comfort while creating that beautiful smile you deserve.

As our patients, you can expect the highest quality of dental care services, thanks to the wide variety of technology that we implement.

Top notch and unique dental technologies utilised at Smilekraft Dentistry

Each of the following have been carefully selected to provide you the most comforting experience by preventing any possible pain due to dentistry and to help us achieve the best possible treatment results in the quickest possible times.

Laser Dentist According to our experience a dental drill is the most feared dental instrument, followed by the needles used in injections. The Waterlase reduces the usage of both. It helps us to remove the decayed part of teeth without causing much discomfort associated with a regular dental drill. As it doesn’t induce pain the way a dental drill does, it minimises the usage of dental anaesthesia, thus keeping the needles at bay. Apart from these it is also associated with reducing bleeding and infection of gum tissues. While using for various gum procedures it causes minimal bleeding as compared to a conventional surgical blade.

The unique feature of this laser machine is that it can be used for various dental procedures in your mouth, on your teeth, gums and the bone it covers, without any side effects and collateral damage associated with other  dental instruments. It’s not like a regular ‘soft tissue laser’ which can only be used on gums with special caution towards the bone which it may affect adversely. The Waterlase rather is one of the most gentle ‘cutting tool’ used in dentistry.

To know more about it please visit the Laser Assisted Dentistry page.

In our commitment to the provision of excellence in dental care and maintaining an optimal practice envi-ronment, we use apex locators to measure the length of root canals while steering away from traditional x-rays to ensure a radiation-free process.
Utilising an electronic hand piece to clean the root canals, rotary endodontics not only speeds up the process, but also provides a more pleasant experience for you.
Ensuring better vision and clarity, we use fibre optic hand pieces that help us serve you better during any kind of treatment.

Using high-end fields of view and outstanding magnification, we ensure better vision and accuracy with all the products we use.

In many ways, comfortable posture is the most significant part of a dental visit. Our leather upholstery is sure to make the prolonged procedure a pleasing experience for you.
Using intraoral cameras and digital x-rays, we enlarge the images on the computer screen, which allows you to easily see any problems that may need attention.

We utilise secured electronic patient records. This simple step allows us to streamline your care, as digital records are easily accessible throughout the entire practice, including digital x-ray images. By managing patient records electronically, we can also ensure a high level of protection for your sensitive and confidential health information.