Teeth Whitening in Pune

Our Teeth Whitening Services in Pune offer exceptional beauty for a gorgeous smile. Over the course of many years, your teeth can get stained by a variety of foods and products ranging from coffee and tea to cigarettes and other substances. Dr. Priyank Mathur offers the latest teeth whitening techniques with a specialized teeth whitening kitPola Office Plus Bleaching System and the safest technologies available today. The results are beautiful and patients leave with a completely new look.

Teeth Whitening in Pune

Teeth Whitening is a procedure devoted to your whole appearance as much as it is devoted to your teeth. When we have pale, dull teeth our smiles are not as powerful as they could be and our appearance is often older than it should be. Dirty stained teeth add years to your face. Teeth Whitening techniques used at Smilekraft Dentistry provide long-lasting results that enhance your whole appearance leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful.

Procedures we use to whiten teeth

The choice of whether to whiten your teeth (bleaching your teeth) at home or in our office is always up to you. In-office procedures have been proven to be fast and highly effective for providing a bright smile. We use a light that generates minimal heat to prevent a common cause of discomfort of other in-office whitening systems. You may see dramatic results: it is possible for your teeth to be six to nine shades lighter in about one hour. The light-activated gel is the product of extensive research; its effectiveness is based on its pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide, which works to remove visible stains and darkening. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the teeth without altering tooth structure and has been known for its safe use in treating the mouth’s soft tissue. Dr. Priyank, your cosmetic dentist specifically uses the Pola Office bleaching system to achieve an effective and safe whitening of teeth in Pune.

If your prefer the flexibility of home whitening procedures, our office can create custom-made whitening teeth trays for you to use at your convenience; they work using highly concentrated carbamide peroxide, available at our office. Ideally, the best regimen is to have an initial in-office procedure, achieve the degree of whitening teeth you wish for, and then do occasional touch-ups as needed at home with your custom trays. Contrary to some misconception, whitening doesn’t damage teeth or give rise to cavities. It is rather, a safe, simple and an oxygenating procedure. Occasionally, after the procedure you may experience some sensitivity for a day or two which goes away gradually.

What does a teeth whitening procedure at Smilekraft Dentistry involve?

The first step of any teeth whitening procedure at our clinic is scaling and polishing of teeth.

After that the mouth is dried and a protective layer is applied on the gums. The Pola Office whitening gel is then applied on the teeth which need to be whitened. The gel is left over the front surfaces of the teeth for about 10 mins. During this time the patient is instructed to point out in case of any sensitivity and the area of sensitivity is wiped off the gel material. After 10 mins the gel is wiped out with cotton and a fresh layer of gel is applied. This is repeated at least 2-3 times or till the desired  result is achieved. In all, this may take approximately an hour from start to finish.

How much does it cost for teeth whitening in Pune at Smilekraft Dentistry?

Teeth whitening procedure at Smilekraft Dentistry costs Rs. 12,500/- for an hour and a half session involving whitening of the top and bottom front 6-10 teeth.

What is Internal Bleaching and how does it help?

Consider a common scenario: You hurt your front tooth as a child years back. It never hurt or you don’t remember of any pain associated with it. But over the years it changed shade from turning yellow to brown or grey or black.

Such a kind of tooth cannot be whitened with our regular whitening procedures. It needs something as know as Internal Bleaching.

The tooth turned dark over years because the pulp tissue inside degenerated and necrosed due to the trauma it had years back. Once the pulp necroses, it releases toxins that harm the tooth internally causing infection and discolouration. Both of these symptoms can be variable with varying intensities. The infection is treated by a root canal treatment, the details of which you’ll find on its respective page. 

The discolouration is then treated with internal bleaching. It involves the application of the whitening gel inside the tooth versus the application of gels on the outside in an in-office whitening procedure. This eventually whitens such discoloured teeth which cannot be helped by regular teeth whitening treatments.

Some more Frequently asked questions:

Is teeth whitening safe? Does it have any side effects? Does it work for everyone or is it recommended for everyone?

Teeth whitening is generally a safe procedure with occasional sensitivity of teeth as the only side effect. Such sensitivity of teeth may last for 2-3 days and can be easily taken care with medicated toothpastes or gels and a mild over the counter painkiller.

It best works on healthy teeth which have yellow discolouration and are cavity free. Regular teeth whitening procedures are not very effective on grey or brown discolouration of teeth, which are mostly intrinsic in nature. They also don’t work on artificial teeth and fillings.

Teeth Whitening is not advisable for all individuals. It is not done for children. It is avoided during pregnancy and lactation and is not recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last? Can teeth whitening be permanent?

The effect of teeth whitening at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune lasts for an average of at least 2 years. It may be more or less based on your diet and maintenance after the whitening procedure. Such procedures are not permanent and have to be performed periodically, though the time required to achieve good results keeps improving.

If you are looking for permanent teeth whitening then the only option you need to ponder upon are Porcelain Veneers or Crowns. Check here.