Composite dental Bonding in Pune

Composite Dental Bonding is a form of Smile Sculpturing in Pune, accomplished with a composite resin or composite direct veneers which enables patients with minor imperfections in their teeth to have more attractive smiles. The procedure involves the application of a tooth coloured resin material, layer by layer, which is hardened with a special blue light which ultimately “bonds” the material to the tooth and improves the overall appearance of the teeth.

Composite Bonding Pune

Composite Bonding can be used to close minor spaces, change the color of the teeth, mask any discolorations, repair chips, alter the size or shape of teeth, and give jumbled or crooked teeth a straight-looking appearance. Composite Bonding’s durability may not be the best and it may require continued maintenance, but it offers flexibility and an easier resolution to smile problems. It can easily be done in a single session. Dental Composite Bonding is the best option if you are looking for a quick fix.

We preferably use composites from 3M ESPE and Ivoclar Vivadent to get the best results.