Computer guided dental implants surgeries at Smilekraft Dentistry, Pune, India are one of our most advanced dental implant placement techniques available today. A computer-guided dental implant surgeryor treatment uses the information from a 3D CBCT Scan. This new sophisticated tool allows us to do precision planning of your treatment, so your implants are accurately and safely placed in exactly the right place. Through the use of these 3D computer imaging systems, we are now able to perform a virtual surgery before we even touch your mouth for the surgery. The 3D CBCT system gathers exceptionally accurate information about your mouth including the anatomy of your jaws in three dimensions, which enables us to locate and identify important internal structures as well as gather information about bone quality and quantity.
This information allows us to create a more accurate and precise treatment plan for your dental implant placement. This process will provide you with greater satisfaction with respect to health and recovery along with reduced surgical times and help to simplify the treatment process.

Benefits to You

Our computer guided implant surgeries have many increased benefits vs. traditional dental implant surgeries.

Increased predictability and safety
Perhaps the largest benefit patients experience is the increase predictability and safety of the dental implant procedure. Because we can more accurately plan your treatment prior to beginning the procedure, there is a higher degree of safety compared to “freehand” implant placement.

Minimally invasive procedure
It also reduces the discomfort and swelling associated with traditional implant surgery because we are now able to reduce the duration and number of appointments and surgeries. And, because we know ahead of time where important structures are in the jaw, we are able to make smaller and fewer incisions than in freehand surgery.