Smilekraft is not just what we say it is, but what our patients believe it to be. It is this simple thought which leads us to always strive to provide the best possible experience to all our patients. Here are a few of them sharing their experiences in their own words:

In all honesty I have no idea how to start this review. There are no words that I can say or write that would express how happy I am with his work. The pictures alone do it enough justice.. I’ve spent countless hours researching different clinics from every part of the world, and the moment I found Dr. Priyank Mathur’s website and looking over his work I knew that this was the one.

I traveled from America to India with my standards set high, he and his staff exceeded them in every way.. After the consultation we got to work the next day, 11 root canals and 20 crowns. His endodontist that worked with me is an EXPERT, the pain was very minimal *I had severely infected nerves*. He made sure I was comfortable the entire time, always talking me through the procedure and making sure I was okay. After being fitted with temporaries for about a week I came back to have the permanent crowns cemented. I must say Dr. Priyank Mathur is an artist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we went through all of the options on style and shade and we *him mostly* came up with the results below.

This man loves his work, it is literally a passion for him. I owe him so much for changing my life and making my stay comfortable and enjoyable. He even treated me to dinner with him and his wife!

Thank you for everything.. I wish you, your staff, and your family nothing but the best!

Jacob Henry, USA, Smile Designing & Makeover

Finally… The Prodigal Patient returns! I was supposed to write this review, which was in my head, 4 years back but moved internationally and missed. So way back in 2015, I was looking for Dentist in and around Pimple Saudagar area and learnt about Smilekraft Dentistry through google. I wasn’t sure about what to expect, as I had been to all types of dentists. However for me, subject knowledge, having right equipment and hygiene were the key criteria. I wasn’t disappointed in my experience. Dr Mathur is very particular in terms of process, method of operations, knowledge and up-keep. I was supposed to travel hence he was flexible with schedule and helped me get through all the procedures done. He was prompt and detail-oriented. He has a great team to support him. Again in 2017 when I traveled briefly to India, although I was based at other end of the city but I decided to schedule my appointment and as expected promptly i was scheduled, reviewed and planned in next few weeks. I am totally satisfied with great professionalism, soft-spoken attitude, right team, clean & hygienic clinic. I would strongly recommend him.

Saurabha Daniel, Dental consultation, Teeth repair & Smile Designing

I am very happy to have found a clinic to take care of my dental problems. I went for a tooth implant (KOS). The clinic has excellent facilities and the procedure was completed in a short time without any discomfort to the patient. Dr.Priyank Mathur was very courteous and was helpful in taking the patient to the clinic and dropping him back .Excellent follow up and recommendation. I am very happy to have found a clinic to take care of my dental problems.

T.B.Ramachandran, India, 08th Mar 13, Treatment: Keyhole Single Dental Implant

Completely satisfied with the dental treatment I have received with Dr. Priyank at SmileKraft Dentistry. I was impressed with the time he took to answer my questions and explain the implant procedure before I arrived in India. There were no surprises during my visits and everything went like clockwork thanks to Dr. Priyank’s careful planning and clear communication. Their offices are clean, bright and very modern. His staff are courteous and friendly, they made every accommodation to make my office visits as comfortable as possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Priyank and SmileKraft Dentistry and will be returning in 6 months for my follow on procedures.

Guy Hollingbury, USA, 20th Jul' 13, Treatment: 14 Dental Implants

I am from the UK. I went to PUNE in Jan, 2015. I learned about Smilekraft Dentistry from the internet. I asked him several questions especially about the sterile procedures. I have been fully assured about this. I had 6 implants done with one crown fitting. I am fully satisfied as to work done and the costs The doctor is kind and fully explains the procedures He spends time with you and it is not a hurried treatment. Very clean and the whole staff is very helpful. Doctor goes out of his way to help you. I would recommend this clinic to any one. Especially coming from abroad. I am sure doctor will not cheat you. He will not do unnecessary procedures.

Mohanlal Aggarwal, UK, 22th June 15, Treatment: Multiple dental implants

What better way to express my experience with Smilekraft and Dr. Priyank than say “I can’t stop smiling; literally”. This was the first time in my life, I used to actually wait for my dental appointment. The end result was ecstatic. Highly cost effective and once you see the end result, you might just tear up with joy, at least I did. I had a gummy smile for which I had gone to Dr. Priyank. I got a laser treatment done for my gums. For all those who are worried about laser, trust me its worth it. Dr. Priyank’s knack of getting across to his patient is commendable. He never makes false promises but always tries to go beyond his promise. He is a perfectionist so be assured you are at good hands. He makes you so comfortable, before, during and after the procedure that you feel really relaxed. And to top it all, he has the latest technology to help him out. He knows his job and he is damn good at it. You wouldn’t even realise how 5 hours just goes by. In short a great dentist, and above all an awesome person. Thank you Dr. Priyank 🙂

Bhagirathi Pillai, Smile Designing

Dr Priyank Mathur is the best dentist I have consulted for myself or for my family. Not just his knowledge but also how he deals with the patients is wonderful. I had visited for a re-infection case of my RC. He explained the diagnosis and the cure very patiently and kept updating me every step of the way. His staff is also very prompt, polite and helpful in scheduling or re-scheduling your appointments. Overall a big thumbs up to Dr Priyank and his setup.

Rajesh Raman, Root canal & Zirconia cap

Last Jun, I was traveling to Pune from US and I had planned to go to Dentist for routine check-up and cleaning. My wife recommended Dr Priyank Mathur, because she had got her dental work done in past and had rave reviews. I am not sure if anyone I know are big fan of dentists so as I am… so I was apprehensive. We gave a call to Dr Priyank Mathur, he scheduled us and on a first day did a quick check/x-ray and listed down the work and schedule per our comfort, since we were traveling in and out. His clinic is not fancily big however best equipped with modern equipments. Dr Mathur is soft spoken, knowledgeable, considerate. We had a good chat over the dental cleanup, fillings. He ensured I am relaxed. I trust him with his judgements. He has a good team and I am certain that he’ll grow to great levels. I’ll be scheduling my appointments whenever I am traveling back :). I would certainly recommend him to others, if you are looking for a trusting, well-mannered, experienced, dentist and you don’t want to spend fortune.

Joy Dubey, Dental Fillings

Visited Dr. Mathur two years back for the first time for an implant and loved the way he explained the entire procedure and performed it in subsequent sessions. Not just highly skilled at what he does, he takes his job pretty damn seriously as well by giving his patients due time and utmost attention. He has also helped me by guiding on how to improve oral health (eg flossing regulary, water jet floss etc) . Many thanks to Dr. Mathur for helping me out.

Manas Shivahare, Dental Implant

1) Price reasonable. 2) Appointment and accommodation were excellent. 3) Final aesthetics look brilliant. 4) Service is excellent. They went the extra mile!

Haroon, South Africa, 08th Mar 13, Treatment: 4 Root canals + 1 crown +two bridges

All is fine, including doctor and the clinic. I really recommend this clinic if any person is going first time.

Anju, India, 14th Mar 13, Treatment: composite filling and stain remove

Job well done with affordable pricing. Overall excellent, except for location.

Jimmy, Hong Kong, 04th June 13, Treatment: Teeth Whitening

Dear Friends, Just like you, even I was on the lookout for a good dental clinic to address my severe toothache. You may find many dental clinics, but ending up in a right one is a matter of luck, moreover I was new to this Pune city and it was even more difficult. Fortunately, I was truly lucky to find the best dental clinic in that area by word of mouth. Almost everyone in that area knows about this clinic and the first reference they end up giving is “Smilekraft dentistry”. I know, many of you may be sailing in the same boat, so just wanted to guide you to the right dentist not making you go through the pain of finding one, hope this review will be of use to you. Frankly speaking, of all the dentists I have visited till date, I can vouch on this that Dr. Priyank is the best. I have been given the best possible suggestion at all times, that which is good and economical. Dr. Priyank is generally very transparent and will let you know before hand, what works best for you and the estimated cost.

Shrikant, India, 04th June 13, Treatment: RCT, Capping, Cleaning/Polishing

I am extremely happy with the treatment. I was in India for two weeks vacation and Dr. Priyank understood my time constraints and provided me every support during the entire duration of my treatment. I felt visiting his clinic is like visiting a good friend of mine. He is very friendly, explained pros and cons of each treatment options in detail, patiently answered all my queries even the trivial ones. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment and now I am very comfortable to leave a smile during my interactions.

Nanda, Germany, 17th April 13, Treatment: Cosmetic Dentists

I am thankful to Dr. Priyank , who with his latest equipments provided complete relief from my various oral problems. Dr Priyank is very informative and up to date with latest techniques.The infrastructure and the facilities provided is one of the best in Pune.

Pushpendra, India, 18th May 13, Treatment: RCT, Crowning, Removal of extra Gum, Cleaning & Polishing

I went for Orthodontic treatment (teeth braces). Communication and treatment by Doctor was very good. Cost reasonable compared to other dentists, but little high for my budget 😛 Overall good environment in the clinic. Started my treatment 🙂

Chiranjeevi, India, 21th May 13, Treatment: Braces Dentist Consultation

Very much pleased with the treatment and results. The clinic is well equipped in every sense, probably the best Dental clinic I have ever visited. The doctor explains the procedures and the cost and provides complete information regarding the treatment/cost/results etc. Highly recommended.

Sweety, India, 17th May 13, Treatment: Cracked Tooth filling

Treatment went very well. Friendly doctor, explains everything very well, makes you feel very comfortable. Very professional.

Javier, Spain, 23th Sep 13, Treatment: Bleaching

I had a tooth capping. It was done with utmost care and brilliantly. I am very happy with the treatment.

Kakoli, India, 08th Mar 13, Treatment: Tooth Capping

Fast, efficient, well advised. Look forward to my follow up work.

Sharon, UK, 13th Nov 13, Treatment: Dental Implants

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