Full Mouth Reconstruction/ Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction or restoration at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune, India are all terms used for the same treatment approach of rebuilding the entire teeth/jaws set of a person to restore overall function and aesthetics. It basically involves treating all the teeth, gums (if necessary) and the jaw joint/TMJ (if required) simultaneously to correct multiple issues, finally letting you eat well and giving you the best smile possible.

Why/When is a full mouth rehabilitation needed? 

If you feel that your front teeth are getting shorter and shorter or your teeth in general are sensitive, shifting, deteriorating, chipping and wearing away affecting your function, lifestyle and comfort, then a full mouth rehabilitation is the solution to restore your smile and help you eat and live better.

Unlike other body parts, teeth can’t heal. That means, if a tooth structure is lost, its lost forever. It can never grow back. The oral cavity is a dynamic environment where changes occur constantly, sometimes quickly, but more often slowly, over time. Changes can be due to a traumatic accident, missing teeth, periodontal/gum disease, shifting teeth, a lifetime neglect, a destructive habit such as grinding, or a lifetime of dentistry focusing on one tooth at a time and leaving the mouth resembling a patchwork quilt. All such negative changes that happen in and around teeth become cumulative if not addressed at an earlier time, thus resulting in loss of function and a worn down aged smile.

Commonly, patients visit dentists to treat the worst tooth in the mouth, while the rest of the teeth are left deteriorating. There are many problems with this plan of treating issues, rather than treating causes. There is always a cause for the deterioration of the teeth and until that cause is addressed, the teeth will continue to shift, decay, chip and wear away until there is little left for eating and smiling. Thus, it is much better for you to get the causes treated and prevented along with complete rehabilitation to stay away from future problems.

Following is a link from our facebook page to show you a case of a full mouth rehabilitation in a patient with previous patch-work dentistry and how it affected his general oral health over years.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Pune, India.

Real Life Situation

You lose one tooth in your lower jaw due to some problem. Since you don’t have pain after it’s gone you ignore its replacement as your functionality is mildly affected but overall manageable. Over years you loose two more teeth on the opposite side of the upper jaw. Now your functionality is moderately affected. To compensate you start chewing more on the side with one missing tooth. Since that side also does not provide your earlier chewing efficiency, you shift towards using your front teeth more. With time because of their over usage, the front teeth start becoming flat reducing their efficacy in chewing. To compensate you tend to grind harder. Over years that develops into a habit of grinding teeth further wearing the teeth structures. Along with this you’ve also developed cavities around those missing teeth because of food getting stuck between the remaining ones. That happened because the surrounding teeth shifted into the gaps of the missing ones creating more gaps on their opposite sides. All these cumulatively started causing you generalized sensitivity of teeth, jaw joint pain, moderate headaches, loss of eating pleasure, smile and a general lifestyle deterioration eventually making you seek dental help.

Please browse through these actual patient pictures to relate to this true story. The after pictures are of a full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

Full Mouth Rehab in 3 days using dental implants

For patients with numerous dental problems such as many short, worn, cracked, chipped, broken, decayed or missing teeth, a full mouth rehab using full mouth dental implants can be a lifesaver. All of these problems, if not taken care of together in their early stages, can result into major bite problems (malocclusion), TMJ disorders (Temporomandibular Joint problems) and chronic facial pain. These in turn, result into deteriorating eating and social habits causing digestion problems, frequent headaches and an overall decrease in the quality of life.

If you think you are going through any of the above problems, then it is the right time for you to visit us for a consultation. At Smilekraft Dentistry, a Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the re-creation of every tooth in the mouth. It can restore your looks, eliminate chronic pain, and improve your overall health. We do this by combining the art of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry with the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry, to provide the highest quality of care for a total mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Pune India

Dr. Priyank has undergone training and has the experience to consider and perform all the variables and options to achieve outstanding results with your full mouth rehabilitation/reconstruction procedure in Pune, India.