Worn teeth Reconstruction

Teeth wear treatment

Mrs. Shital had been our patient since years even before her teeth wear treatment at Smilekraft Dentistry in Pune, India. She had been visiting us for regular general dentistry work getting a few teeth repaired with fillings, root canals and crowns. Over those visits we always discussed about her smile being affected by the wearing away of her front teeth but never really got working on it due to her other personal priorities.

The discussion revolved around the effects of such wearing out of her teeth over years due to her habit of grinding her teeth (bruxism) at night. Since she was not facing an immediate issue with her function, apart from the slightly tilted smile line, the treatment got delayed till we finally decided to work on them in 2016.

We had anticipated that such grinding of teeth will eventually affect the health of her teeth in terms of strength, sensitivity and appearance finally leading to teeth loss if not treated at the right time. Her being in her late thirties till the time we finally did the treatment in her early forties was the perfect time for someone to actually see the effects of the problem but also not being late in getting the teeth saved. 

Such a treatment mainly involves restoring the teeth to their original shape, size and function. Apart from restoring the lost teeth structure control measures are also taken for the grinding of teeth. If it is done in consciousness, then the patient is asked to avoid it. If not or if it happens while sleeping, then an appliance called a night guard/ bite guard is given to the patient to be worn on the teeth to avoid the effects of them hitting against each other. Mrs. Shital was given a night guard at the end of her restorative work.

What we did:

Scope of the treatment:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation to correct collapsed bite, worn or chipped edges of teeth, whiten and strengthen teeth and prevent sensitivity permanently.

  • Smile line correction
  • Prevention of further loss of teeth structure

Approximate time period:

  • 10-14 days

Cost estimate:

  • Approximately Rs. 1,80,000/- Or USD 2600