Dental Implants Cost in Pune IndiaDuring your cosmetic smile treatment, it may so happen that you may need a dental crown that covers your entire tooth, rather than a simple veneer that only covers the front portion of your tooth. While we have some idea about crowns and the different materials they are available in, the process of fitting a dental crown is what we will look at in this blog.

Your first visit at Smilekraft Dentistry will comprise of a complete analysis of your teeth and gums. Incase your tooth is fractured, decayed or badly misaligned, a root canal may be performed on your tooth and a post made of prefabricated fibre glass may be fitted in the tooth root following which your tooth will be prepared for creating a mould. This process involves numbing the area and scraping off 1-2 mm of the visible portion of the tooth making place for the crown to be fitted. Following this, an impression of your tooth along with that of the opposite jaw is taken to study your bite and prepare the mould.

The CAD-CAM technology and Waterlase laser machine ensure a perfectly fitting crown is customised for your tooth. Post this, you can finalise the shade you would prefer for your crown. If you habitually grind your teeth, it is important that you inform your dentist of this.

The next visit will be within a few days where Dr. Priyank will cement the crown to the prepared tooth, ensuring it is permanently affixed. A final touch-up includes removing the excess cement and polishing the crown.

It is essential to take proper care of the crown, just like your natural teeth. Don’t forget to visit Smilekraft Dentistry for us to ensure you have adjusted well to your newly-fitted crown.