Dental restorative techniques have seen a breakthrough with the availability of modern technology. Unlike painstaking procedures earlier, dental materials combined with decades of research and numerous trials in clinical settings have led to one of the most significant and beneficial advancements in the practice of dentistry – bone grafting. Smilekraft Dentistry is the top dentist in pune with all new modern technology for bone grafting. At Smilekraft Dentistry, Dr. Priyank uses various bone grafting techniques in order to build up the jaw lines of patients so that they are able to receive dental implants. While your dentist is the best person to discuss which bone grafting procedure is most suited for you, this blog highlights some lesser known facts.

  • Statistics prove that bone grafting procedures and the placement of dental implants enjoy an impressive success rate of over 90%
  • Jaws atrophy due to missing teeth and non-usage. However, the technique of bone grafting and implants prevent jawbone atrophy altogether
  • Existing healthy teeth do not suffer any damage whatsoever during the bone grafting process
  • The materials used for bone grafting are so chosen that they act as a frame, over which the body itself grows it own new bone tissue thus maintaining the natural process of bone regeneration
  • Contrary to popular belief, bone grafting is a routine periodontal and oral procedure and can be undertaken at Smilekraft Dentistry itself with local anaesthesia

If you’re considering dental implants or wondering whether you’re a candidate for bone grafting, Dr. Priyank’s Smilekraft Dentistry, one of the leading dental clinics in pune can answer your queries and discuss the best treatment options with you..

So you need to choose what is right for you.