Dentist in Hinjewadi While having a set of aligned and aesthetically pleasing pearly whites can help create a perfect smile, did you know that straight teeth can have numerous health benefits too? To start with, misaligned teeth cause over-crowding in the mouth which may lead to red, swollen gums. While these not only look bad, they’re also a sign of the onset of periodontal disease. Straight teeth help gums fit securely around them, thus reducing the risk of gum disease. Furthermore, crowding of teeth may lead to plaque and tartar build up in gaps which may be hard to reach. This in turn can cause tooth decay, mouth sores, bleeding gums and bad breath to name a few. Abnormally placed teeth may constantly rub against each other creating friction and deterioration of enamel. What’s more, in case of an accident, misaligned teeth have a greater tendency of getting fractured or broken. Besides numerous ‘dental’ benefits, studies conducted by the American Dental Association also strongly correlate overall health with straight teeth. For instance, frequent headaches and neck pain may also be a result of excessive stress on the gums due to overcrowded teeth. Having a set of straight teeth reduces this risk. Furthermore, bacteria left in the teeth and mouth can create oral infections which cause heart disease, pneumonia, stroke and diabetes. Lastly, the psychological well being of children, teenagers and adults alike is strongly linked to one’s confidence in their appearance; and a good smile is known to be a confidence booster. If you’re undecided about whether or not to get your teeth straightened, a visit to Smilekraft Dentistry will show you that there are various cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures to help you achieve that perfect smile. After all, straight teeth will give you benefits far more than just a happier smile.