Dental Implants in Pune India

Why they work so well

More often than not, dental implants are considered the first choice and a standard of high care compared to other options for restored or missing teeth. They are known to provide the greatest benefit to your oral health, but do you really understand why they work so well? Smilekraft Dentistry’s Dr. Priyank Mathur helps you understand the nitty-gritties.
The key to a dental implant is the one you can’t see – the dental implant itself. It is so effective because it becomes a part of your jaw. A tiny post integrates with the surrounding bone tissue and becomes a replacement root for your missing tooth. The implant is made of titanium, a bio-compatible material which means that the implant is absorbed as a natural part of surrounding tissue.

Dental implants are placed in three simple steps. First, the implant is placed in your jaw and allowed to heal. Post the healing, a small extension called an abutment is attached to the implant. And finally, a dental crown is attached to the abutment, creating a fully functional, stable tooth.

An implant provides all the stability of a natural tooth, allowing you to speak and chew normally. When properly cared for, implants can last a lifetime. Having a dental implant placed is a big decision, and you should gather as much information as possible about the advantages and cost involved. Visit your dentist who will guide and assist you in order to take an informed decision.