Dentist in HinjewadiRuhi came to us about 3 months before her wedding. She was concerned about her smile, which did not do justice to her pretty face. Apart from her teeth being slightly crooked, she was also looking forward to whiten and brighten her teeth and improve their overall texture to be able to flaunt a stunning smile on her D-day.

Since our aims were multifold, we blindly opted to treat the smile with Porcelain crowns and veneers. The treatment was started with a couple of root canals for teeth which were clearly out of position and which needed full coverage crowns on them to have that drastic directional change. Then the gums were aligned using our WaterLase laser to have a uniform natural scalloped margin. After the preparation of teeth to our desired angulations, the treatment concluded with the fixing of the beautiful ceramic crowns and veneers on her 10 upper front teeth that made this stunning smile a reality for her.