We all know the general rules pertaining to dental health and more, but being a dentist, I feel there’s much more that one could keep in mind regarding their mouth and teeth. Below, I’ve listed some very important and useful tips and insights that are always going to come in handy!

  • To start off, a common yet ignored tip is to brush twice a day, I cannot even emphasise on how important it is to not only clean your teeth when you wake up, but also to clean them before you go to sleep, in order to remove all the remains of what you’ve eaten throughout the day!
  • A few more tips pertaining to cleaning are, to make sure you use a fluoridated toothpaste for better health of your teeth and also to floss every day! I’ve seen a number of my patients that floss, but are irregular with it, and I always tell them that it’s as important to floss as it is to brush every day!
  • Next, you also have to make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly, while also keeping in mind to clean your tongue. And while you concentrate on brushing well, don’t forget to be gentle with your teeth.
  • Many of the patients that visit us at Smilekraft Dentistry complain about issues regarding bad breath, and a great tip to help with that is to use mouth wash on regular basis! It’s also advisable to gargle after every meal, as well as consume a lot of water throughout the day!
  • One tip that I always suggest is to replace your toothbrush regularly, we often ignore this due to our hectic lives, but it’s extremely important to use a fresh toothbrush every few months!
teeth cleaning tips
  • Some more tips that you can keep in mind revolve around food. We need to always keep a watch on our intake of food and beverages, in order to take care of our mouth. A usual suggestion is to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as avoid things like sugar, coffee, etc! A good diet helps maintain not only a healthy mouth, but also a healthy mind & body!
  • An important tip that I always give to my clients is to make sure you do not use your teeth to open bottles and packets, it’s easy to forget in the moment and just open a cap using your teeth, but this puts the teeth at a great risk of being chipped or broken. And another thing to remember, is if you have a broken tooth, fix it immediately to avoid further damage.
  • I also have many patients coming in with stained and yellow teeth issues, one tip that I always help them with, is to avoid things that cause the discolouration in the first place! Like consuming a lot of tea and coffee, smoking and alcohol can cause yellow teeth and are best avoided.
  • Another problem I hear about often is grinding of teeth, a lot of us unintentionally do this, and the best way to stray away from it is to reduce your stress levels and get good sleep!
  • Finally, one tip that solves a lot of issues, is as easy as consulting us whenever you experience even a slight problem, we at Smilekraft Dentistry always advice the best for our patients’ dental health.

While we all follow the little tips and tricks to healthier teeth, let’s not forget to schedule our regular visits to the dentist! It’s always better to have a professional treat any sort of discomfort that occurs, while also generously taking care of our teeth & mouth!