For all those questions you may want to ask us, and even those you don’t!

Dentist in India A: Caring for your overall dental needs and wellness means that we remain familiar with the most recent developments so that we can continue to provide quality dental services in a comfortable environment. Known to be one of the first in Pune to adopt the Waterlase Technology, we ensure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to good dental health. Our team also invests numerous hours in continuing education courses and semi-nars to ensure we remain up to date with the most recent dental advancements and technology.

A: The maintenance of a high standard of cleanliness and the control of infection are of fundamental importance at our workplace. At Smilekraft Dentistry, we focus extensively on sterilisation procedures to ensure our clinic meets the highest standards of a medical facility. As a protocol, we sterilise all reusable equipment, including dental hand pieces by using an autoclave, a device that kills bacteria and viruses by steam, heat, and pressure.
A: You’ll hear the term comprehensive care often at Smilekraft Dentistry. It means that Dr. Priyank Mathur will examine your entire mouth to evaluate your overall oral health, and recommend treatment for long-lasting good health, rather than just fixing your immediate problem.
A: We believe you will feel much better, and be able to make a better decision, if you understand the dental procedure that is recommended to you. Therefore, ask away! You should never be afraid to ask even the sim-plest of questions such as showing before and after pictures, costs involved, your dentist’s experience and the amount of time for recovery. Ultimately, the final decision about how and when to proceed with any treatment is always yours.