Complete Narrative by a patient treated with full mouth rehabilitation

“These photographs bear testimony to the excellent job Dr Priyank has done for my full mouth rehabilitation. Indeed I am pleased with the results.
I went for full mouth rehabilitation which included 3 implants and 15 intentional root canal together with sinus lift at the implant site, and 25 crowns and one post and core. I opted for Ceramic and Zirconia crowns. Dr Priyank’s billing is absolutely transparent. No surprises whatsoever. I wanted perfection and zero defect.
I started communicating with Dr Priyank well before meeting him face to face. I shared with him photographs of my smile and certain close ups of my teeth through email. I did not tell him about the dental consultations which I had at Singapore. I was very surprised when he started giving advice very similar to the advice given by my dentist at Singapore. Priyank is also very firm. He is certainly not greedy for money. He said “ everything or do nothing”…. “my way or the highway”.
Thereafter I made a plan to visit Pune shared my holiday plan with Dr Priyank and sought his appointment. He gave me an appointment on the very day I landed at Pune. As we had already discussed all my concerns, treatment plan, materials, what to expect, what can go wrong, failure rate, downtime, how painful will it be, what are the consequences Etc. Etc. thru mail; face to face meet was only to establish genuineness of the doctor and convince myself that indeed it would be OK to go ahead and place my trust upon Dr Priyank. After the face to face communication I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that indeed Dr Priyank has the requisite skills and wherewithal to deliver on his promises. A visit to the clinic also convinced me that indeed Dr Priyank follows the best practices. He has several certifications on the high level of cleanliness for the materials used. You do not want to walk into a clinic and walk out with AIDS or Hepatitis.
Next day we started off with the intentional root canals. He has an entire team of specialists to perform different tasks. All the folks who have performed different tasks during the course of full mouth rehabilitation are post graduates, highly skilled and very professional. I am sharply aware of the fact that about 15 root canals and 25 crowns, one post and core and three implants can precipitate loads of problems, pain, risk of infection Etc.. However I was pleasantly surprised that all this took place with clockwork precision. Dr Priyank would halt the process mid-way, order for cold drinks and all of us would have a break and continue with the treatment thereafter. Dr Priyank and the endodontic specialist Dr Niranjan Vatkar would ask me several times if it hurts. They would answer all my questions patiently. Once the marathon treatment starts your mouth is open most of the time you cannot ask any questions. All you can do is grunt or make loud noises from the throat !!
Dr Priyank also brought in a very young “girl” named Dr Neha (prosthodontics) who is responsible for bite. During the discussions it emerged that Neha is the person who will be ultimately responsible for the quality of the bite I will have. She went about her business with quiet efficiency and took several measurements.

Dr Samrat was the Maxfax (Maxillo Facial) surgeon who performed the sinus lift. He was very efficient and the entire experience was painless. The wounds also healed within 24 hours. I never realised that placing implants into the jaw bone is a painless process with very fast healing time.
Thereafter Dr Priyank started off with teeth shaping. During crown cutting your mouth remains open for long periods of time. During this process I realised that Dr Priyank is fastidious, fussy and a perfectionist. He will not let go until things are to his satisfaction. Then he made temporaries for me. Thereafter I was free for the next 1 week. During this time the lab fabricated the 25 crowns. Dr Priyank informed me that the crowns will be available for trial on 26 Dec 2013. As promised the crowns arrived on time. Dr Neha was there for testing the bite. She did lots of checks with carbon paper. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new teeth meshed so well and little or no adjustment was required. Once the temporaries were certified “OK” they were sent off to lab once again for polishing.
I had informed DR Priyank that I will be attending a wedding on 27 Th evening. Dr Priyank was also to attend a wedding at Mumbai on 27 th. Once Dr Priyank started working on pasting the new teeth time flew rather rapidly. Dr Priyank could not make it to the wedding however I could attend the wedding. Later I came to know that Dr Priyank was absolutely paranoid that I should attend the wedding with a perfect smile as lots of my friends will be meeting me there. He just cancelled his plans to attend the wedding at Mumbai. I really appreciate his sense of responsibility and going the extra mile for his patient. However this is not the only example where Dr Priyank has gone the extra mile. Together with Pallavi he has arranged for transport for me to go back home after the treatment. More than once he has also dropped me back (a round 36 KMs trip) to my house.
Clinic itself is clean, sophisticated, and modern. Dr Priyank’s associate Pallavi has designed the clinic. She is an interior decorator with artistic bent of mind. The treatment room has two light options (one is functional and another is aesthetic). During the treatment if you feel cold Dr Priyank provides a blanket to cover yourself. Dr Priyank changes gloves often during the course of treatment.

Overall experience has been excellent. I am a very fastidious, fussy and complaining type of person. However this time round I cannot think of anything to fuss or complain about. I was mentally prepared to expect loads of issues with the bite and a painfully long period to get used to the new “bite”. However I was very pleasantly surprised, or should I use the word shocked when the bite was good from day 1. All the teeth are functioning well. With each passing day I am getting more and more used to it. I am able to chew off anything. The day is not far when I will stop being conscious that I have had a full mouth rehabilitation. Dr Priyank has warned me to be careful with eating hard things like ice and extremely sticky stuff like Chikki.

Dr Priyank was quite worried that with my grinding habit. He is worried that I will grind down my new teeth due this. As a preventive measure he has provided me with a silicone bite guard and wants me to wear it constantly.
In conclusion I am happy that I selected Dr Priyank Mathur and his team for my full mouth rehabilitation. I do not have any regrets or misgivings whatsoever. Dr Priyank is not only a fine doctor but a fine human being also. He takes care of you holistically. He is a good planner. As a patient I only see all the good things that are happening to me. However like the proverbial duck while appearing to be calm on the surface he is paddling furiously underwater to get everything to jell and fall into place by efficiently liaising with numerous agencies and doctors. He is very good at managing expectations. He tells you upfront what to expect. He also keeps you posted with progress. This way he eliminates surprises. He does not keep things until last minute. He gives himself ample time to finish all the process in critical path on time so that there is enough time left over to make adjustments if any. He was also sensitive to my personal holiday agenda. He is willing to work his schedule around my agenda. Finally I consider myself lucky to have bumped into him and selected him to me my dentist of choice for full mouth rehabilitation. God bless Dr Priyank and his team. I thank him and his team from the bottom of my heart for making this experience memorable. I will be meeting him in about 3 to 6 months later to get the abutment fitted for the implant together with the crown.

In summary Dr Priyank Mathur is : Friendly, honest, trustworthy, competent, efficient, professional, cost effective and always delivers on his promise.”