Life, Dentistry and the Corona Pandemic

Amidst the chaos of the corona virus, we at SmileKraft Dentistry in Pune, India want to address this issue. Although we have been following all the necessary preventive and precautionary measures for functioning of a corona safe dental clinic, unfortunately, as the whole world stays back home, we have no choice but to temporarily shut service and wait for the right time to resume functioning completely, possibly post the 17th of May, 2020.

Tough times like these call for tough measures, and as much as we want to help you at our clinic, with all your concerns related to dental issues right now, we’re following the lockdown protocol to do as much for the safety of the society and ourselves.

In the hope that everyone reading this is taking all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid the risk of this virus, we’d also like to remind you to take care of your teeth.

It’s easy, at a time like this at home, to neglect the health of your mouth, but we can’t stress enough on how important it is to take care!

Let’s all make it a point to brush twice a day, firstly because we’re snacking a lot, quite frequently during this lockdown and indulging in a lot of sweets, soft drinks and more unhealthy foods which are not good for our teeth & are better avoided.

Secondly, as human tendency, a lot of us might skip steps like brushing, flossing & using a mouth wash, solely because we aren’t stepping anywhere out, but this my friend, is a big no-no. As much as you’d feel like procrastinating and being lazy to drag yourself to the bathroom every morning, you cannot skip the basics of taking care of your teeth! Another reason to look after your teeth all the more right now is that, if you do happen to contract a tooth ache or any such issue, dentists are unfortunately having to keep clinics shut. So make it a point to take care of your teeth everyday!

Talking a bit more about the consequences of Covid19, this virus has changed a lot of things for the entire world. We’re all having to adjust to this new form of living and we feel it might change the future functioning of things in the field of dentistry.

Dental profession involves close proximity and the virus might eventually affect the normal working. For the better of course, minute details of safe surgical practices, which are anyway important will have to be stressed upon and practiced more once life resumes back to normal, like taking precautions of pre and post-procedural sanitisation of patients, doctors, staff and all the equipment around us. Taking record of every patients health and travel history will also become important along with taking into consideration one’s immunity and so on and so forth. While even digital & online consultations will see an increase, to avoid unnecessary travelling. (Read about the safety procedures undertaken at Smilekraft Dentistry here)

While we’re all left in an unpredictable environment right now, hoping everything goes back to being normal and life continues as it was, but of course with an antidote for the virus, a much awakened society and well prepared nations against things that pose a threat to the human kind.

For now, let’s all relax, take time to reflect on ourselves, take precautions and care, follow rules, be aware of our surroundings and live life to the fullest one day at a time, while never forgetting to take care of those precious pearly whites & keeping them healthy always!

Before visiting any clinic in India, please check the updates regarding COVID19 by the Government of India.

Latest COVID19 Govt. of India updates

and take a Covid19 Self Assessment test by the Government of Maharashtra

COVID19 Self Assessment Tool