Dentist in IndiaIt’s that time of the year when you are always looking for ways to beat the sultry summer heat. While indulging in ice cold beverages makes you feel better momentarily, it may not be be best exercise for your teeth. Dr. Priyank points out ways you can keep your teeth healthy and strong this summer:

  • Over-consumption of ice creams, soft drinks or energy drinks lead to cavities, plaque and loss of enamel of your teeth because of the high levels of sugar present in these products. Bacteria loves sugars and converts this into acids that can strip away the enamel of your teeth causing sensitivity issues.
  • Summer brings in the craving for the king of fruits – mango. While gorging on this delicious fruit, one must remember it has a high content of natural sugar which needs to be balanced with sufficient consumption of water to wash away the sugar coating the teeth.
  • Citric fruits, lemonade or even diet sodas consumed by health-conscious individuals are highly acidic in nature, thus eroding your enamel making teeth prone to decay.
  • Chewing ice cubs is very harmful considering the brittleness and cold temperature can not only cause teeth to fracture, but also create microscopic cracks in the surface of the enamel, which could lead to a number of dental problems.
  • You may opt for lighter foods such as salads during the hot summer months. While leafy greens may be good for your waistline, the highly acidic vinegar or sugary salad dressing may not do your teeth a favour.

Summer is the time to enjoy with family and friends. Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, moderate changes in your eating habits can spare you tooth trouble while enjoying your favourite food. Smilekraft Dentistry wishes you a happy summer!