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Alternatives to traditional braces

Be it socially or professionally, your appearance plays an important role in boosting your confidence. One of the most effective ways you can improve your appearance is by ensuring you have the best smile you can get. While not everyone may be blessed with perfect teeth, braces have come to the rescue of those in their quest for a perfect smile. Adults and children alike are known to wear braces to correct their teeth and improve their smiles. However, the ‘metal mouth’ may not be appropriate for a number of social and professional situations. Smilekraft Dentistry’s Dr. Priyank Mathur discusses various alternatives modern dentistry brings to the traditional wonder of braces. To begin with, the option of clear braces are less visible due to the use of ceramic or plastic brackets and are known to easily blend in with the colour of your teeth. Moreover, they are comparatively lighter than their metallic counterparts. Lingual braces, or braces bonded to the back to the teeth as opposed to the front are also a preferred option as they are not visible from the front. A more common alternative these days is the option of removable clear aligners. Here, a series of clear plastic trays fit snugly on your teeth and gently nudge them into position. Nearly invisible and removable, this option makes cleaning of the teeth comparatively hassle free. At Smilekraft, we use ClearPath, an effective clear aligner trusted the world over. Bear in mind that not all orthodontic measures are suitable for everyone. Trust your dentist to determine which procedure would best suit you depending on your needs. With our able team at Smilekraft, rest assured you will walk out with a healthy, million dollar smile!