Dentist in Wakad Have you recently lost a tooth? Does this cause discomfort, difficulty in chewing and even hold you back from smiling? When you know it doesn’t feel right, perhaps its time to visit Dr. Priyank at Smilekraft Dentistry and replace the tooth. While you may experience the above mentioned factors, what goes unnoticed is the fact that it may lead to bone loss, changes in facial structure and drifting of the adjacent teeth. Two options most commonly suggested are either bridges and dental implants. While you are probably familiar with the procedure for both these treatments, Dr. Priyank highlights factors which may affect your decision while choosing amongst the two:

Bridges v/s Implants
Factors Bridges Implants
Look and Feel Natural looking Closest match to natural teeth
Procedure Simple faster procedure Relatively complex, longer procedure depending on tooth condition
Bridges v/s Implants
Durability 5-7 years 15+ years
Dental Health Some gum and bone loss; adjacent teeth used for support Little to no gum and bone loss
Cost Relatively lower priced Higher cost

Armed with these facts, you along with Dr. Priyank can to come an informed conclusion. Whether you go for dental implants or bridges, you need to remember that this is a choice that will affect you everyday. So you need to choose what is right for you.