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Tips to help your smile age with grace

For some, age is just another number. For others, age is a beautiful thing. While some people turn to age defying anti wrinkle creams, others consider each wrinkle to be a memory of their experiences. Whatever be your perception, the fact of the matter remains that age ultimately does catch up with every one. The older we get, our smile becomes even more important. Not only does our family count on it, but a healthy happy smile is a strong indicator of good health.

Dr. Priyank Mathur of Smilekraft Dentistry lists easy ways to help your grin age with grace:

  • Go back to basics Brush your teeth twice a day, don’t forget to floss and rinse your mouth after meals. Stick to this simple solution to keep gum disease at bay.
  • Watch your beverage Dark stained liquids such as coffee, tea and wines are prone to stain teeth. Rinsing the mouth well post beverage consumption is critical to avoid staining.
  • Use fluoride The mineral fluoride helps in the prevention of tooth decay. Use a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash to help keep tooth decay away.
  • Stay hydrated Age as well as some medications may cause a reduction in saliva leaving you with a dry mouth. Without enough saliva, you can develop bad breath, tooth decay or other infections in the mouth. It is thus important to stay well hydrated and consume adequate amounts of water.
  • Visit your dentist regularly As you age, your teeth and mouth requires special care. Preventive treatments are important in this regard. Dentists also pay extra attention to your teeth, gums, lips and tongue as indicators of other, potentially more serious health problems.

To flash your healthiest smile, don’t forget to visit Smilekraft Dentistry today!