The wisdom of having that tooth extracted

3 things you should consider before taking the plunge

While most people dread wisdom tooth removal, it sometimes becomes a necessity due to factors such as overcrowding, placement or infections. Knowing how it can benefit you will ensure that you take the right steps for quick and effective treatment at Smilekraft Dentistry. Dr. Priyank takes you through three important things one should consider with a wisdom tooth removal:

  • Is it a necessity?
    It is essential to have a good clinical reason to get your wisdom tooth removed. Wisdom tooth and wisdom tooth removal don’t always have to coincide. Just because you have third molars growing, it doesn’t automatically mean you need to get them extracted. In most cases, you will have to remove them only if they are growing at an awkward angle or lead to overcrowding.
  • Is there a right age?
    The time between adolescence and adulthood is more often than not considered the best time to get the back molars extracted. While there is no “right” age to go through the procedure, it does make the healing process quicker when it is done earlier.
  • Do you require surgery?
    Depending on how impacted your teeth are, surgery may be required for removing the wisdom teeth. The longer you wait, the more you run the risk needing surgery because the problem will only get worse with time.