Dental Implants in Pune In today’s day and age, scientific advancements have led to people living longer, healthier lives. And while your teeth may weaken with age, the stark change in people’s lifestyles may have also contributed to weaker teeth. Of course, implants are considered to be one of cosmetic dentistry’s finest procedures, but it may leave you wondering if you’re too old to get them done. Smilekraft Dentistry’s Dr. Priyank Mathur answers this question.

“There has been a longstanding myth that dental implants may not be as effective when we age. However, the truth is that this works for the aged as well as it does for any of my younger patients. Although osteoporosis is a condition that older people do suffer, being in good health otherwise does not compromise your candidacy for dental implants”, he says.

Older people usually shun exploring dental implants as an option. They often argue that the cost of treatment and maintenance is not worth it, considering their old age. However, the fact is that nobody really knows the number of years that they will live and it’s always wise to invest in these solutions and live a comfortable life without the hassle of removing dentures all the time.

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