Dentist in Hinjewadi Often, crooked teeth, if left untreated have the ability to change the entire structure of your jaw and face. But before you cringe at the thought of metallic chips and braces on your teeth, did you know that there’s another alternative – ‘invisible’ braces called Invisalign? And what’s more, Invisalign braces in India are now a reality! If you or your child are one of the many people who are considering orthodontic treatment, it’s only natural that you’ll have a number of questions and Dr. Priyank Mathur, a dentist in Hinjewadi is here to clarify your doubts.

Braces involve gluing metallic or ceramic brackets to your teeth and tying them together with wires and tiny rubber bands. On the other hand, Invisalign, designed to be invisible consists of a clear removable aligner tray worn over your teeth. These aligners are customised specially for your teeth. But what will work best for you? Here’s a list of basics for you to compare.

Attribute Braces (Non Removable) Invisalign (Removable)
Colour Metallic silver or ceramic based enamel coloured Transparent
Treatment time 24/7 for about two years 22-24 hours a day for 6 to 18 months, depending on teeth position
Maintenance Regular brushing and cleaning with the use of a toothbrush and water-pick To be removed before every meal; teeth need to be brushed after food to avoid staining
Follow-up visits Monthly dental check ups recommended Aligner trays to be changed upon dentist recommendation every 2-4 weeks; dental checkups every 4-6 weeks
Benefits More effective for complex issues, no temptation to leave them out Easily removable, no discomfort from wires, no issues of food getting caught
Negatives Discomfort from wires or brackets, may have difficulty eating certain foods, tooth discolouration may occur Need to be removed before all meals, proper brushing post meals required to avoid staining

If you’d like to consider Invisalign or if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to visit us at Smilekraft Dentistry today!